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Attracted by your radiance

I wing toward you

dipping and swooping in

your magnetic heat and light

reluctant to break loose

and fall back into darkness

into loneliness of this aching cosmos

and its dreamless sleep


Yet fearful of being absorbed

a chimera

my essence perhaps only

a faint discoloration on

your flaming persona

a smudge

appearing and disappearing

as your moods dictate


So at the final moment before

our meeting, I resist, turn to flee

to escape our fate

but it is too late

I am trapped forever

in your embrace


So here we are

You, my protector and master

provider of my sustenance and warmth

and I, in orbit; solstice, equinox,

love, hate, trust and fear

mingling in my heart

your slave

until destiny the ruler of us all

turns out the light

and lets us die


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© Johnmichael Simon



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