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de Neuvo's Mirror

The transient articulations of Alphonso de Neuvo

deal with the reflections of Xorros

but should not be confused with

the transient articulations of Alphonso de Neuvo

which deal with the reflections of Xorros


Given the prevalence of parallel topology

and the transient twin-tracked descriptions

that de Neuro recorded, all evidence thinly sliced

to fend off misconceptions or attempts at duplication

these articulations come as a reflective delight

as silver sliced from day is slipped to night


So gentlemen inquisite, ladies fair

behold, behind this portal lies articulation one

where slivered from shadows we discern him there

with microscope all peering at a Xorros slice

the first, the very first thin slice of discovery

where articulations emerge from centuries of gloom

all dissected from the parallel

right before you in this room


And down this next dark passageway, recently exhumed

the central chamber of articulation two

all sliced identical from twin-tracked gloom;

behold him there maestro Alphonso, back now bent

peering beyond the slice of reflection’s folded tent


Now which of you inquisite gents, you ladies fair

will dare to approach the transient mirror’s glare

and peek like Alphonso at yesterdayed tomorrow

dissect your own twin-tracked clone of Xorros?


Fear not Alphonso’s trick, step sideways from confusion

its just a slice of old de Neuvo’s transient illusion

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© Johnmichael Simon



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