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Dazzling Silence

bless the deaf

who need to hear

the echo of a world


through others’ signs

remembering reverberations

of snapped consonants


substituting thumbs and fingers

for eardrums, vibration

for the ring of mobile phones


for them the foaming mist

of waterfalls abandon roars

to flying birds


and herds of elephants

rush by on silent

dust cloud feet


bless the deaf remembering

somewhere inside

how each instrument describes


itself upon the page

until turned around to see

the audience explode


into a sea of

gloves and faces

waving programs


but most of all

bless those born

innocent of sound


what poetry of eyes

and fingertips, they write

in seagulls throats


what unborn melodies

they taste

between the stars


ears for them

are soundless planets

revolving around a brilliant sun

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© Johnmichael Simon



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