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Gray owl has dipped his eyes tonight

in paint, black eyes once wise and sure

black owl has cloaked wise eyes tonight

owls’ dark eyes are a pool tonight

and in the pool a lure


Gray jackals have blacked their howls tonight

to growl beneath their cloaks

gray jackals have opened throats tonight

their dark throats lure the toads tonight

in every throat a croak


Dim moon has hooded face tonight

to whispers through the leaves

dim moon has cast a net tonight

and dark green leaves are cloaks tonight

in every cloak a spell


Dark pool is huge and deep tonight

that was so bright with fish

dark pool is filled with eyes tonight

and each eye is a spell tonight

in every spell a wish


My dreams are filled with owls tonight

with jackals and with eyes

dim moonlight dreams of pools tonight

but every dream will die tonight

when sunrise throttles skies

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© Johnmichael Simon



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