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Dancing With a Ghost

Dancing with a ghost

is something

you should not think about

at dusk

when candlesong is strong

as lanterns glow

on the dance floor below


Floating with a ghost

is something

you should not brush against

at night

when quilts are turned down

blooms swim in dusk

water lilies float in musk


Dancing with a ghost

to an old guitar

is a memory

you should not allow yourself

to play

his fingers on your strings

your neck your breast your wings


Soaring with a ghost

above the stars

is a fantasy

you should not tremble to

his feet like wings

across the sky

your skirt a bird about to fly


Dancing with a ghost

is something

you do not wish for now

betrothed to your vows

your bodice tight

you hair pinned up

your heart beat manacled

your wingtips clipped and sheared

lest you scratch your skin

and bleed a thousand tears


Yet despite it all

when candleglow is strong

and when an old guitar

picks up an old familiar song

you dream of dancing with a ghost

the whole night long

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© Johnmichael Simon



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