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Cutting Edge Journals

You have to be a member of the right club

to be published in these pages

not only to write unintelligibly but

with a culture-biased unintelligibleness

the kind of cryptic messaging written

on french fry cartons in verifiable

U.S. academic institutions where free speech

is still permitted despite the encroaching

tide of plankton-based sushi-sounding

diuretic seaweed, threatening to flood

the lower ground dormitories


Most of what you’re going to say

has been written before, haiku and owl shit

are out, suburban extemporaneity is in

as the water creeps higher, submerging

all but the most refined-air institutions you begin

to realize that even Colonel Sanders needed

an accompaniment of free-floating stanzas


A new way to restate some finger-licking

universal scrap of fried potato truth

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© Johnmichael Simon



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