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Strange how a chance encounter

with some madness of a world

spinning driverless led me to

rediscover hidden items closeted

long ago, the key thrown away


Oh I knew about the risks

written in bold on every pack,

that gold plated investment

with a gray flannel business suit

smile and immaculate capped teeth


And the sweet young thing

I married, the one I knew better

than she knew herself who would

never dream of looking

at another man


Now I can’t close the damn zip,

waken after midnight, clammy,

insides ripped open


how they left me crying as a baby


the doctor’s expression as he looked
at his papers, mouthed the words


my children so far away
we don’t speak much these days


always been an atheist so why raise

hands in the dark for help now?


and how I walked past the church,

fists clenched, shouting

Me apologize?    YOU apologize!

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© Johnmichael Simon



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