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Cross Pollenation

Spores of life drifting between the planets

between the stars

between the suns

and once touching us, drifting on,

and once touched we spread our leaves

spread our wings towards the sun,

towards the stars

beige and ochre, yellow and brown

sunbursts, sunflowers

all shimmering in the cosmic breeze

and the music of the bees fills the air.


They flit between us

touch us with spores of stars

indigo awakenings

and new memories of other places

new faces, new yesterdays, new tomorrows,

new hopes, new loves,

and the air fills with pollen music

drifting between the days, between the flowers,

between the souls,

between the galaxies.


And love grows and spreads its wings

And flies to the sun and back,

A yellow-indigo angel

Touching you, touching me, touching everyone

And everywhere the bees…the flowers!

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© Johnmichael Simon



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