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Crescendo Diminuendo

Please fetch my viola I wish to play

said my love and I rose, pushed chair aside

as the Times of the Day dropped to the floor

with its wild crowd shouting


From the window we heard the yaps of the dogs

and the pounding heartbeat of a fox

the  hooves of horses, the wailing of horns

and the wild crowd shouting


The news came on, it was seven or eight

the announcer rasped like a second hand car

a girl had been gang raped, the weather still cold

and the wild crowd shouting


The train to the center was later today

as a terrorist had blown himself up in the mall

there was famine in Somalia, a burnt smell of flesh

and the wild crowd shouting


Oh take me to blanket, to ear muffs, to glue

to a hut on the hilltop at the end of the world

to the notes of a requiem, joyful as death

and no wild crowd shouting

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© Johnmichael Simon



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