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Conversation by a Pond

In a pond a heron stands

immobile stance surveying deep
as if our thoughts he understands
his listens pensive feigning sleep


As we exchange our histories
a brown of ducks sails in unfurled
they dip and bob, expose blue tails

meal tickets to pond’s underworld


And we, you native, I on visit

unravel each other on the shore
exchanging views like wise old wizards
as water clears exposing more


We feed the ducks with morsels, snips
of conversations much like ships
who pass each other in the mist
and greet and hoot that they exist


Soon we shall sail on to our tomorrows
you to yours and I to mine
yet like the ducks, the ships, the swallows
we share this moment intertwined

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© Johnmichael Simon



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