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Conversation: Terra and Luna

You are mine forever, he said. I am master

you my slave. Round and round you go, caught in

my lasso. Your luminous nights and sleepy days

belong to me. I hold you in my grip.


She laughed, a silvery giggle that echoed in the

twinkling stars. I may be smaller than you in size

but not in power. My feminine hand rocks the cradle

of your world. I cause your oceans to rise and fall,

your lovers to swoon, write poems in my praise,

bring light to your darkest nights.


Don’t babble on at me, crazy lady. Why do you think

mad people are called lunatics?


And why do you think terrorists are named after Terra?


And so they argue away; who is boss, who is wrong,

who is right. Married to each other they dance the same

old dance year after year. Until death (or some other

cosmic event) do them part.

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© Johnmichael Simon



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