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After a while it becomes routine

swabs, bandages, testing water, bathing eyes


Fields are full of green parrots today

rows of birds on wires stretching like licorice


It’s unpredictable, seepage from reactors

you can almost see them dashing around


brandishing their heavy particles


What choice do you have?

your tongue burns with thirst


As between green parrots you search

for helicopters who do not come


You remember an old Maori story about

those Polynesians, thousands of miles in log canoes


to survive they became cannibals


You’d think they could have fished or eaten

green parrots, waiting for food parcels


to drop from helicopters who do not come


Civilization they call it, wires stretching like

licorice, testing water, bathing eyes

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© Johnmichael Simon



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