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You walk this world with them

dancing between crevices


fairy child, Tom Thumb, Till Eulenspiegel


You who feeds fluttering birds

emaciated cats


Your pockets always filled

with seeds and breadcrumbs


Treading carefully in streets and

sidewalks of Germany fields of Austria or Poland


perfumed with the stench of them


I watch you, blue eyed child

hopscotching over cracks


in rebuilt walkways so as not

to step on any errant ant


Your flaxen hair your pale blue eyes

your history recited once a year


then thrust back in a bottom drawer

together with a flag a bible


Some sticks of unsucked bubblegum

a handkerchief with which you


once tried unsuccessfully to

wipe some stains some horrors


that sometimes wake you in the night

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© Johnmichael Simon



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