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Comparative Religion 101

The plaintive notes of Telemann’s oboe

as if perched on a tree outside her window

a slight breeze stirring like a harp

God’s breath blowing from the lungs of clouds

His fingers conducting from the stars


On the lawn children are playing

Where is God? asks Esther, skirts flying

as she swings back and forth

Up there points Rupert, mounted on a rocking horse

I can’t see him says Esther

That’s because you’re Jewish, my Dad says

Jews only look for money, Jews killed Jesus you know

Esther wrinkles her nose, shakes her head

You see, Jews don’t know anything says Rupert


But I can hear someone, she looks up again swinging higher

Listen, can’t you hear that beautiful music

she pushes her legs vigorously, I think he’s singing in Hebrew

Rupert grimaces, I can’t hear music – that’s just

a blackbird in the tree


Lunch is ready children, calls Esmerelda

from her window, looking down

pleased the kids are not fighting today. Must be

that Telemann sonata she thinks. Always gives

me such a heavenly feeling

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© Johnmichael Simon



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