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Clipboard Images

Here in the cinema of his past he sits, image, image,
cutting, grafting nostalgia on to thin sheets of cardboard

a rare collection, postage stamps he handles with tweezers


animal shaped birthday cakes, four, five, six
shiny chocolate buttons

from a climbed tree a grinning little monster
taunts branch to snap

here a collage of campers pull faces outside a tent
suitcases waiting behind blanket rolls for inspection


pages flip by, some suspiciously empty, others containing
only a song yearning from somewhere, nameless

but with the face of an angel, just a wisp of teenage scent
hanging on the page, dancing close to the gramophone

and a bitter-sweet Campari  kiss sipped illicitly
on a sofa, parked behind a tree and a make believe engagement ring

given impetuously, given and returned, given and returned
and then lost like flowers from forgotten decades

behind curtains

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© Johnmichael Simon



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