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Clear Indications

There’s a clear indication a rally is on the way in the price of oil.

      I whatsapped her. She didn’t reply.


Hezbollah has clear indication of the party responsible for the killing.

      We met at the door. I was coming in, she was going out. Again.


The patient has clear indication of a psychotically induced disease.

      First the “L” word that once was used daily disappeared from our vocabulary.


Clear indication that this guy has serious issues with commitment.

      Yeah, I know that one. It’s not gender specific.


There is a clear indication of Trump cultism.

      All I do these days is read the news and wait for her to remember I exist.


Clear indications that climate change is affecting fish stocks in Britain.

      Little outbursts. Expressions of annoyance. Face wrinkled into a pout.


The last room had clear indication of indoor mold.

      We have separate bathrooms. Separate bedrooms. Separate ghosts.


There is very clear indication of suicide said the police spokesman after

a car veered off the road and hit a tree head on.

      She takes her meals upstairs to her study. Eats alone.


UN mission has clear indication that the death count in South Sudan

is much higher than earlier estimates.

      Sometimes I’m so low I feel like jumping off a bridge.


In Beethoven’s first symphony there are clear indications of things to come.

      She no longer cares, that’s clear.


Clear indications for chest radiograph after cardiac surgery

      How many more heartbeats until I say ‘enough I can’t take it any more’.

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