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Classroom Owls

The dreamers are here amongst us

watching how dust motes sing

in a flute of light


Children of their own worlds

quaint as Minerva birds, they frustrate

the most earnest of educational assault


For they are peace lovers at heart

and wish to be left in their own muse

as they look at you from strange angles


They are not troublesome, do not

throw paper darts or pass notes

to each other behind their desks


And it’s not that they’re ill behaved,

when accosted they will look at you

and smile a misty spangled smile


And you think that they hear you

but they don’t, their ears attuned

to some distant tongue, a broadcast


From behind a sky of frosted glass

music from two dancing moons

revolving round some undiscovered sun


Transmitting past the speed of light

and you sigh, inscribe their record cards

with ‘doesn’t concentrate’ or ‘needs to improve’


Or simply ‘Albert can do better’

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© Johnmichael Simon



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