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Children of Accidental Origins

Children of accidental origins

their tiny faces (soon to be as recognizable as your own)

puckered into new-born grimaces and yawns


Children of accidental origins

futures sketched across the zodiac

spread budding wings, jazzy rainbows


Children of accidental origins

compose tomorrow’s music

fly to distant galaxies on beams of light


Children of accidental origins

announce their unexpected truths

while munching breakfast cereal


You think of The Little Prince, Star Trek,

Moses in the bulrushes

popsicles and trampolines


as they sit there laughing at you

for not instantly recognizing

their friends and heroes


Later you meet them

holding hands in pubs

or at amphitheaters and stadiums


Cheering wildly

smiling on huge billboards

or on Facebook and You Tube


Chatting with one another

and sending selfies

out into empty space


Suddenly meeting

roomfuls of

newly discovered buddies


As a face in a huge mirror

slowly resolves itself

into a now familiar Buddha or emoji

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© Johnmichael Simon



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