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One day we will rescue

the good ones from the fire

the ones that did not get burnt so badly


Then we will sit somewhere

under a leafy tree and eat them

and I will bring you a plate of sweet apple slices

and a little jar of honey


and some blueberries 

because I remember how you love them


And we will laugh

at how tall the grandchildren have grown

and we'll look at some old photos

of places we traveled to


And avoid talking about

how we cursed one another

while throwing the chestnuts in the fire

blaming each other for allowing the fire

to get out of control

burning our fingers


Cursing and stamping our feet

as the flames leaped wildly

and the house caught alight


We could have ran to fetch water

and put out the flames

but we didn't - just sat there

like Nero, cursing and blaming

while Rome burnt down


And one day

it won't even matter at all


And the grandchildren

will visit our graves

yours over there, mine somewhere else


And someone will produce

a book we once wrote together

and laugh at the funny stories

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© Johnmichael Simon



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