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Chemistry of Wonder

Condemned to silent
mutual admiration
from the start
he a cattle farmer,
from his haystack fingers
sprouted life
he spoke with dogs and seasons
in their own tongue
strong hands coaxing
nature’s gifts into rows
of plump corn and apples

She, child of scientist
and lawyer,  her pleasant visage
clear-eyed as the smooth
surface of a silicone chip
hiding a megalopolis
of a mind seen at night
from a climbing aircraft
a horizon-to-horizon display
of glittering traffic
wandering its blink-fast way
through endless permutations
at the speed of light


Meeting between the silence
of white sheets and starless
nights, in the shade of
intuition’s forest
their roots intertwining
without words
they shook each others branches
in wonder


While high in the heavens
their beautiful hybrid children
played hide and seek
in palaces of nimbus and cirrus
waiting to be born

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© Johnmichael Simon



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