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Changing Color

Cows love it, transforming green meadows

via cud, stomach and udder

into foaming white milk


Chameleons do it all the time

for them camouflage means survival;

mannequins in store windows  don new hues

as seasons and fashions flash by


Politicians do it reluctantly

when disillusion sets in


Digestive tracts do it regularly to food

to the delight of flies and dog’s noses


Skin does it when exposed to sunlight

usually tanning brown except for pale Englishmen

who turn an angry red


South Africa did it under Mandela

and whites only signs disappeared overnight


Kaleidoscopes do it, paint does it

blood does it, rushing from artery to vein

guilt does it, bed sheets do it once a week,

sweet peas do it genetically

traffic lights do it frustratingly


Sunsets do it, twilight fading

into romantic black and white nights

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© Johnmichael Simon



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