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Chance Meeting

You can be in a room with a hundred people

the professor of psychology had said

yet your eye automatically picks one out from the crowd.


Luring your attention from everything else

this is how it happens, a magnet, you will not miss its pull

it’s a phenomenon well observed and documented

but unfortunately not validated scientifically.


She was wearing a kind of hippie dress, you remember

there was nothing special about her, but

you noticed her immediately as she came in.


The dress was loose fitting, pastel shaded, crocheted perhaps

Did she notice you?  She was talking to a woman in a blue suit.

Yes you think, yes that’s it, sun coming out behind clouds.


A perfect spring morning, birds, the rest of your life ahead.


Omigod, something to say, any damn thing, it doesn’t matter,

move man, move, perhaps she’ll leave.  I’m sorry, excuse me

sorry, could you please let me through.  At last.  Hello, haven’t

we met somewhere? (you unimaginative imbecile) 


Yes, this is the way we’ll tell the grandchildren

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© Johnmichael Simon



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