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Imagine if

every day was a birthday

bedecked with candles,

icing and candy,

each day a present

wrapped in colored paper

all gay and laughing,

clapping hands;

each day a cake to slice

and hand out

on paper serviettes


The population of the earth

is over six billion

children wrapped in yellow

and brown cellophane

some even pink

and there are only three

hundred and sixty five


Party rooms, gardens, hills,

valleys, marquees, trees,

picnic spots, pagodas,

bandstands with birthday music


And those little voices

all singing, in tongues

as colorful as assorted

serviettes or wrapped

candy, so many hues

there’s almost not enough

songs for them all


One little boy came up to me

Please may I have another

piece of cake?

Of course, I said

May I have one with

a candle on it?


Imagine if

every star were a candle

handing us

a second helping of cake

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© Johnmichael Simon



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