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Causus Belli

It’s counselor time we’re thinking

without a shadow of doubt

our relationship is sinking

we’re trapped, there’s no way out


It’s not one of those toothpaste tube issues

nor toilet seat left unclosed

not about which way to stack the dishes

or where the soiled clothes are disposed


Not a refusal to ask for directions

when our vessel has strayed off course

nor hogging the newspaper sections

that has brought us to the brink of divorce


No, this time it’s a life and death matter

a question of principle no less

that has torn our affection to tatters

replaced marital bliss with distress


It’s a bedroom thing that’s the cause

that’s making our tempers so red

a difference about closing some doors

so the cats can’t jump up on our bed


I’ve got used to the clock and its ticking

the screwing of tops off the creams

but these confounded cats and their licking

has disturbed my most intimate dreams


So its off to the therapist with sorrow

resolute irreconcilable and blue

and I hope that when we meet her tomorrow

she isn’t a cat lover too

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© Johnmichael Simon



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