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Catching Your Eye in Rome

This girl’s transparent

you can imagine exactly

what she’s thinking – the latest fashion trends

straight from Grazia magazine

arms pertly on her 24″ waist

eyes shiny as marbles under her hairdo

at times blonde/brunette/redhead to make you think

that she’s more than one persona

Italian girls are so

how do you say?

sophisticatedly ambiguous


She’s reading about

who’s who in Mondo Uomo

and whether Mr. Eligible can be tempted

as he crosses the road to his office in his tailored gray suit


It’s true

underneath her printed skirt

her pastel colored mohair top

are a black bra and frilly panties

but when she takes them off

and removes her orange leather pumps

there’s nothing left of her

she’s empty, shimmering clear

like a glass of San Pellegrino mineral water


All that remains

is a red splash of lipstick

something between a scowl and a smile

which the window dresser

carefully peels off

and keeps for next season’s models

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© Johnmichael Simon



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