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Candid camera

Do you still remember all the fumbling

unboxing foil-wrapped spools with sprockets

the winding, slipping, missing, grumbling

bulky Brownie cameras that didn’t fit our pockets?


The endless stocks of 24 or 36 exposures

and all those filters, tripods, meters, lenses

getting aunts and cousins to say cheese and hold poses

exorbitant yet gladly paid printing expenses.


No more!  Now digital we take thousands of shots

and all the tourists everywhere hold silver cubes that click

we download to our own PCs ten million pixel dots

upload them to the Internet and out thick albums kick.


But wait, the end is not in sight, our kids are twinkling elves

their smartphones have two cameras that do a double act

so while they’re snapping grinning friends they photograph themselves

don’t care their pictures facebook-bound can easily be hacked.


The next step isn’t hard to guess, some whizz kid will create

a camera so miniature, some tiny silver chip

that can be planted on his nose to photograph his date

as while they kiss she operates the camera on her lip!

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© Johnmichael Simon



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