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     (if possible, to be read with a French accent)


Ah yes, I am exquisite but that is not all

on my wings alphabets, flashbacks that enchant

catch me, paint me if you can

one day a cocotte with sorrowful breasts

the next a soaring celestial body

dashing round the universe as clock hands whirl


I’m transformation embodied

a song, lightning, a flutter

in the pit of you


Chase me, capture me, hold me

you know this feeling won’t last for long

but if you dance too close, beware

I’ll leave my wing dust on your lapel

brand you mine for ever


Let’s tango, boogie, cha-cha, quadrille

paso doble, waltz me, slow me down


Now tell me you love me

whisper it in my ear


‘cos you know, quite soon now

it will be time to move on

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© Johnmichael Simon



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