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Business as Usual

Amidst the screaming hail of rockets

the thud of mortars making graves

amidst the dying and the homeless

cries of the wounded, stench of burnt flesh


Amidst the melting polar ice caps

the fear of swiftly rising seas

amidst the flooding death of mudslides

wreckage of a thousand homes


Amidst the spreading scourge of virus

the feverish curse of daily death

amidst the doctors and the nurses

fighting lost battles ‘til the end


Amidst the hordes of black clothed armies

decrees and laws of fierce faced gods

amidst beheadings, executions

terror broadcasts, crucifixion


Amidst the rant of politicians

excuses, bickering, threats and spats

there’s something comforting hanging the washing

hearing the birds sing, feeding the cats

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© Johnmichael Simon



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