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Bookmark from Sofia

Tucked inside some found pages

in this Bulgarian guest house

I discover alongside poems telling

of Boris Godunov, of Czarina,

of Zara Lehander singing

Una Polana Blanca


Earmarked memories, once yours,

hidden in the fold of page 22

a stained business card

bookmarking as from a long sleep…


‘Mikhael the tailor

makes all kinds of alterations

ladies and gents’


I see you there, doorbell tinkling

as you enter the little shop

where he for famous and poor alike

lengthens here, replaces a frayed hem

sews on large buttons in

‘the modern style’


I see you there, girl child

of Sofia, now great grandmother

(or not?) collecting your dress

on a wintry day


Book of poems in your pocket,

lake covered in ice,

coachmen smearing wheels with tar

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© Johnmichael Simon



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