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Birthday Gift

it’s november again

the month i entered

this crippled world, and since


i know you won’t forget

to bring me some gift that

I don’t need, a card perhaps


gaudy and with black

humor, or slap me on the back

giving me weeks of neck pain;  allow


me to suggest you give me

this year something that would

bring a smile perhaps even


a big one to my toothless lips

a bottle marked ‘drink me’ that

contains peppermint rat poison or


a bathplug that when pulled

empties the pacific ocean exposing

the naked truth of the Bermuda triangle


how about a music box that plays

fuck off you filthy freak to the

tune of god bless america


best of all doctor dear let’s

swop costumes this year so you

get to choose which gift i bring


then i can get to eat lunch

in the staff dining room and

you can have my shock treatment today

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© Johnmichael Simon



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