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Bellingsford Ballad

The bard of Bellingsford had three sons

three stalwart sons had he

and that’s where the Bellingsford genes were dropped

by the side of a baobab tree


The eldest son shacked up with a nun

and the middle one with his mother

and the third spilled his seed before he proceeded

to love the Lord and nobody other


But do not despair that indeed right there

marked the end of the Bellingsford blood

for the bard had a brother who quite under cover

Bellingsforded everywhere that he could


And his spawn carried on Bellingsfording like crazy

which was hard for the bard whose own sons were so lazy

while he sat under his baobab all day long

writing essays about what he thought had gone wrong


And whether grandchildren would be more of a curse

than composing bad prose or complaining in verse

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© Johnmichael Simon



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