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There’s a humming in the undergrowth

between blue mouths of rosemary

yellow bells of fragrant gorse

fingers of pink flowering trees

with names like incantations

legends of myrrh and frankincense

across the holy land of Spring

the bees are buzzing, hovering, lingering

an all pervasive symphony of

sun and pollen, dash and wild desire


Your head deep into my blossom

drunk with the imperatives of lust

here where snows have melted into streams

where overnight the land has cast aside

its winter clothing and like a hungry

diner at a smorgasbord moves

ravenously from blue to bell

to yellow – an intoxicating dance


This magic April-world fertility rite

enabling birth of cherries, apples

nectarines and other miracles


A multi-nectared rainbow

flowing into a pot of gold

to meditate and lick

through winter’s numbing hush


Until the buzzing starts again

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© Johnmichael Simon



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