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Bedtime Story

Hee hee cackled the witch

I’m not your grandmother after all

disguised as a broomstick

or a seemingly sleeping cat

I watched you try this or that bottle

fall headlong after a rabbit

prick your finger on a needle

freeze for a thousand years

hee hee, I’ll scare you to death


But Goldilocks laughed back

I’m not your little miss innocent after all

I’ll set my ninja mutants upon you

my sword-wielding avatar will decapitate you

grind you into meteor dust

orbiting with dismal cries

around a black hole

in a spiral nebula light years away


And if that doesn’t work I’ll simply

turn off my iPhone, watch some TV instead

tonite there’s a really good documentary

about the tsunami in Japan

followed by a rerun of

The Rocky Horror Picture Show


Witches are passé don’t you know

you should have kept up to date

and my real grandma’s out playing tennis

against Serena Williams

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© Johnmichael Simon



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