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Bedtime Questions

How many tears does the crocodile cry

When he’s on his way to the sea in the sky?

How many elephants waltzing in June

Could turn on the lamps of the raspberry moon?


How many piglets cavorting in glee

Could sing the pork chorus and dance happily?

How many butterflies bouncing so free

Could cause all the cups to pour saucers of tea?


What would the rooster say supposing he knew

That all the chickens had been cooked in the stew?

What would the ants do if they had a clue

That all the chocolate was coated with glue?


What would the moon say to all those old charmers

Who write poems about her while still in pajamas?

What would the sticks and the stones do to harm us
If they knew that it takes only words to alarm us?


How could the grass know if its really green
If all God’s paintbrushes weren’t on the scene?

How would the kettle know where the tea’s been

After the porcupine danced with the queen?


Why are old horses always called Ned

Why is God’s name not supposed to be said?

Why do the questions go round in my head

Just when its time to be going to bed?

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