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Beach Parking Lot

Periwinkles mumble excuses
tiny bubbles escaping in the sand
as the tide recedes and laps again
briny with pebbles, bright shells
winking adventurers piling themselves
in drifting mounds, shuddering
a final tremor, a crumbling settling in

This is the vast stretching shoreline
parking lot of the ocean


Crustaceans wander along tiers
of resting sea bottom vehicles
starfish, cuttle spines, fragrant seaweed
drying out in the sun
warming back to slumber, engines hushed

Watching in delight, did I hear
a hermit crab say to a mollusc?
’leave your keys in the shell please
we may need to move you some
when the next tide comes in’

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© Johnmichael Simon



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