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Barbed Wire Blues

Oompa, oom pa

a century spins by

crazy rhythm, bubblegum

blood, mud, artillery

transfusions dripping, hope all blinded

watch the years pass in the rain


Oompa, oom pa

scraps of toilet paper

barbed wire fences, shrapnel whistling

knots in tree trunks

mouths wide open

where has it all gone, where?


Dawn rises

new era glimmers

crazy music, avant garde

blood, mud, holograms

intravenous tunnel building

ground is shaking, trees are blistering

paper fragments, dreams and wishes

caught on branches, rusting barbed wire


Trees and scarecrows

centuries spinning


gunpowder voices

stench of burning

drowning all the words


Oompa, oom pa

barbed wire skeletons

mouthless blues

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© Johnmichael Simon



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