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The curious worm

devoured the apple moon

it ate the sun

from the branches of the sky

causing the tree of knowledge

              life stolen from its sap

to topple into the universe

scattering its unripe fruit

across the dark

like tinsel snakes


Be aware Confabulo, there’s

no going back, no dream of

childhood to resurrect

naked on some magic island

where Spring forever follows Summer

questions never asked


So when you stand

upon your lonely hilltop

or wander in your valley

or undertake a life-long

journey across the endless

stretching desert, explore the frozen

waste searching for fossils or

attempt to cross the Pacific on

a hollow log, clad in your bear skin


hoping to find a compass

that’s been lost.  Know therefore

my friend, there’s no complacency

for you


This is your punishment Confabulo

would you have it otherwise?

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© Johnmichael Simon



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