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Baby Days

From Monday’s playful baby lips

The first milky sylla balls slip

Funny baby bead string bumblings

Sunny baba mama mumblings

Bubbly baby sounds of joy

Bounce out like a new found toy


With Tuesday’s infant growing vision

A’s and B’s take definition

Animal letters are surprised

When they’re happily recognised

And we giggle in delight

As toddler gets word pictures right


Wednesday’s kiddy on the stool

Piano fingers start to fool

Press one key and then another

To the wonder of his mother

Finger music starts and stops

In happy keyboard skips and hops


Thursday’s child stands capped and gowned

Proud Moms and Dads stand all around

In her hands her first degree

Hands that yesterday climbed the tree

Lips that yesterday were mumbling

Now Gaudeamus Igitur sing


Friday’s child opens her notes

And from her latest novel quotes

Or explains his latest research

Or gives sermon to hushed church

Mom and Dad are still listening

As her well formed phrases ring


Saturdays, Sundays now flash by

Some piled with achievements high

Some filled with bitter tears

Setbacks disappointments wasted years

Yet no days so filled with love and humbling

Match those spent loving grandchildren’s mumbling

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© Johnmichael Simon



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