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Babushka Girl

Where is she now, where is she now

cheeky clothes tight on her frame

all eyes and shrieks and wonder

sliding down banister, curled like a question mark

then unspringing, flat as a board with buttons on


Where is she now, where is she now

under oaks with Hemmingway and Omar Khayyam

spring bright as a robin in her breast

bees and boys a buzzing round her ringlets

midnight rides, hair flying, foot flat on the pedal


Where is she now, where is she now

blushing in heat, pushing her way to motherhood

yet and again as cooking, washing, scolding, encouraging

passing outgrown clothing down the line until

the day when things no longer fit rebellious adolescent limbs


Here she is now, here she is now

peaceful, profound, five different kinds of face cream

no longer anti-age her wrinkles, dispensing advice,

grandchildren’s birthday presents, she can’t use a smartphone

but shares her memories like chocolate coated candies

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© Johnmichael Simon



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