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And the man said: ‘This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called Woman because she was taken out of man.
                            Genesis Chapter 2, Verse 24

From the depths of his body he spoke

and from the deep waters of his soul

and words formed upon the waters

‘where are you?’


And he answered, ‘I am here’

and he looked down into the waters

and saw a face floating in the deep

and the voice grew stronger and said

‘where are you?’


And the face rose up towards him

through the water

and he beheld lips and cheeks and eyes

and he said to the face, ‘Is this my own

reflection that I behold?’


And the reflection answered, ‘Yes I was of you

but now I wish to be another, with you but apart

and then he felt a great pain in his loins

so great that he lay down on the sand in a stupor


And when he awoke the pain had gone

and in the water when he looked the face was gone

and he gazed and asked ‘Where are you?’

and she answered I am here


and beside him on the sand he beheld a woman


*Ayeka – “where are you?” – biblical Hebrew

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