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As in a Vision

She’s reading now, the testament

books of myth and thunder

her voice drear as northern light rising,

winter’s wind breathing ice over continents

words that men cling to in stone temples

stained glass and tinseled ornamentation

arms of martyrs and messiahs raised

in silent-faced suffering


She’s singing now, a dirge

oarsmen of oblivion, arms rising and falling

skiff slinking through the icy waters

rising and falling in unison

cloaked and hooded, eyes slits of laser light

no smile bedecks their countenances

hidden in millennial mists

accept, accept she sings


A portal opens, the boat slips through

all bone and silhouette, a grim grey skeleton


Oh men of mist and shallow breath

her words and music echo in your souls

each one of you a replica, stamped

with a stone-faced mould and left

to find some meaning in impermanence


Reading your tribal legends

your songs of pain and loneliness

she stands now at the helm

her cloak of mist drifting about her

a final verse, a prophecy perhaps


The silver flecks of tiny fish

disturb the waters in her wake

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© Johnmichael Simon



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