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Apology to a Definite Article

how many times I’ve used you

exploited you

scattered your cry uncaring


cast you like rice or wheat seed


across blank pages, wind blown

what did I think, heartless

that you would cause brown sod

to sprout a green delight of budding verse


look at them, these pages

a dozen of you, two dozen

throttling landscape, cluttering ground

where one or two could have sufficed


to intersperse flower from weed

meaning from clamor

life from a cemetery of words


I should have known better

spared you humiliation

saved you for more special use

to differentiate specific

from base, occasion from everyday

important from banal


dear article, I beg forgiveness

here’s your rightful place, your throne

I’ve saved you for

The End

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© Johnmichael Simon



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