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Ants in the Morning

On my way to make
the early morning coffee
snapped in the fingered fluorescent light
a sudden army of tiny ants
have made their way up from
outside, through microscopic cracks
in the brickwork
waves of them sporting around
over the kitchen counter
I grab the water hose
one unscheduled deluge will
sweep them away, tumbling into
helpless chaos down the drain,
–and pause


the six o’clock news headlines
come on, we’ve all been holding
our breath for the Tsunami survivors
as the barometer of death crawls over
a merciless hundred thousand and
still rising, we see two yellow-jacketed
relief workers helping a limping survivor
off a craft, he’d been picked up
still alive after hanging on to a plank
in the ocean for four days…

I pause
replace the hose
unused in its mooring
my tiny unsung prayer
a hushed contribution
to the sanity of the world

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© Johnmichael Simon



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