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An Unexiting Day

Today I wish to celebrate

the commonplace:

some old item of clothing

found again,

a pet remembered,

a hanging plant

that slept the winter through

now in the warmth of Spring

bedecked with pastel blooms


Disturbing my muse

a newsflash:

the US President is visiting!

downtown traffic will be diverted

(a friend lives there – I’ll phone her)

another earthquake hits China!

(the neighbor’s son traveled there last month)

the football final won by the underdogs!

(I’ll get grandson a new ball next birthday)


          there’s going to be a drought!

          the price of oil has jumped again!

          another country is building nuclear weapons!


My daughter’s on the phone

can she bring the children this afternoon?

thank goodness for the commonplace

(switching the announcer off)

now let’s see; what shall I make for tea?


          (and whether the Prime Minister accepted

          bribes or not, will have to wait until after
          they’ve gone back home !)

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© Johnmichael Simon



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