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An Independent Thinker

What did the proper goose
say to the propaganda
which was bubbling in the water
telling him who he aught to for in the next election
..make the proper brand selection
..wash his clothes to white perfection
..combat feelings of rejection
..get a strong and hard errection?


He off Jack
get offa my back
despite all you may have heard
I’m an independent bird
I can make my own decisions
about what’s right and what isn’t
I don’t eat fats, run till I’m bony
shy away from all that’s phony
don’t listen to any commercial
talk only about things controversial
I’m not afflicted with patriotism
hate flags, promote internationalism
I’m an atheist and a skeptic
fads and fashions make me apoplectic


So Jack, don’t you try to persuade me
no advertising’s ever made me
swerve from my path and follow blindly
to brainwashing I don’t take kindly


However… in certain circumstances
I’m not taking any chances
I don’t walk under open ladders
won’t stroll where the black cat is
take sixteen kinds of vitamin pills
to protect me from old age and chills
can’t resist gypsy palm readers
follow enlightened new age leaders
in these matters to be quite honest
I’m a conforming non-conformist

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© Johnmichael Simon



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