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An educated point of view

Down through history they march

the backward spellers

the number crunchers

the deja-vu specialists

the crystal ball peerers,

Tarot readers

coffee grind interpreters

star-chart starers

voyages from beyond

the boundaries of time

the gates of death


We laugh at them

a little nervously

we who know better

our time invested in rigid disciplines

hard-earned degrees

and all the decorations

that bedeck the gowns

and mortar-boards of academia


We peer into atoms

like bespectacled chameleons

and see only endless rows of mirrors

we delve into dictionaries

of prime numbers

unified field equations

big-bang theories

evolutionary hypotheses

crack the creator’s code

only to find further exceptions

that prove the rule


Then after the books are written and burned

after the microscopes are reluctantly put aside

after the week is spent polishing proofs

we shower

don fresh clothes

light candles

and holding our children’s hands firmly

we set off for synagogue

church or mosque

to chant our prayers

and make our requests

to an anonymous father


Would we but know

that there he sits

in his attic

throwing the dice

chasing the stars

and scratching his head

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© Johnmichael Simon



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