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An Archeologist's View of Poetry

take a line or two of poetry, a piece of

haiku, tanka, sonnet or dry prose

and break it up


into its components: trees and rain

and baby deer perhaps

cavorting in phonetic symbols


dancing across the visual

cortex of a savage mind

unrecognized as yet as poetry


but still with dawning wonder

at a curtain drawn aside

a window to a world of words


sounds and sibilance, ideograms

cave paintings suddenly transformed

to hints and codes and shapes of meaning


a line of curious images now reassembled

into structures bold and new


like haiku, tanka, sonnet or dry prose

now joyously a glimpse of future literature

a cultural new world of rhyme and rhythm


a prehistoric ballad of prediction codenamed

yabba dabba doo

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© Johnmichael Simon



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