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Alone Without a Rose

Everything has to be lined up

exactly in its place, no deviation allowed

even the minutest deviation is obnoxious,

unacceptable, you know what I mean

utterly in line


People aren’t lined up, most people,

they go in obscene angles, they’re careless

don’t give a shit about rules or order,

anything’s good enough for most of them

that’s why I hate people

they live their lives as if there is no

master plan, that’s why there are wars

and different religions and languages

and flags and things, you know what I mean,



I know what you’re thinking but you’re wrong,

dead wrong.  Look at them, raping the planet

hardly any ozone left, everywhere full of

fumes and pollution, all kinds of dogshit

all over the place.  Nobody picks up dogshit

these days.  What about the weather; either

floods or drought, fuck the planet, go on

drive your smoke belching vehicles all over it

so you see I’m not so fucking crazy, right? Exactly


No deviation – otherwise we’re all bound for

extinction.  You know why I hate them?

Nobody understands, they’re deaf, all deaf

every last one of those motherfuckers


You know why I’m running away?

There was this girl, young like a rosebud,

like some furry young animal, timid fawn eyes,

she was the only one, I swear, she touched me

in places I didn’t know I had - the only one

I could have learned not to hate


But one day I saw her move

just a fraction, a millimeter perhaps, out of line,

you wouldn’t notice it even, but I saw it,

saw through her.  She wasn’t lined up, she was

one of them.  I swear I could have killed her

on the spot, that’s what you are thinking, isn’t it?


But I left her, came here instead to be

on my own.  If I’m the only lined up person

in the world, Ill stay on my own, forever

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© Johnmichael Simon



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