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All About Me

I’m a very easy person

not difficult at all to please

if there’s no fish I’ll have another dish

if there’s no meat I’ll have some cheese


I’m a minimal maintenance person

who never demands attention

I’m a hermit crab with a home on my back

and a past that I never mention


I’m an independent thinker

who needs no mentor or school

I treat words like birds, ponder things absurd

I’m the exception that proves the rule


I’ve only one pair of trousers

and only one shirt for my back

I’m a homeless guy with a toneless cry

and a blanket I use as a sack


I don’t listen to the radio

and don’t give a damn for the news

neither care nor know of all the world’s woe

let the sun and the sky shape my views


I’m a very quiet person

hardly ever have much to say

and while others discuss their complaints and their fuss

I just listen while they yap yap away

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© Johnmichael Simon



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