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I will protect you, said the air

invisible as a ghost

whisper of thin music

mischievous at times, whistling through glens

breathing from mountain peaks

angry or wild

I give you my life, my soul

you are my children

I will protect you


When oceans heave in distress

when earth rumbles, belches fire

when gods hurl stones from skies

when other worlds rush by

on their way to destruction


I will prevail


My fragrances will fill your mornings

with hope and excitement

my breezes will blow from shores of time

scents of gorse, oregano and campfires

dances of elves and crickets in the grasses

a ballet of wildness and comfort


So step out safely my children

into your new mornings

my arms surround you

like a mother


Love your lives

short yet filled with wonder

for as long as you are in my care

I will protect you, said the air

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© Johnmichael Simon



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